Saturday, 14 July 2007

My Awfully Big Adventure!

'In his own words... ' Friday 6th July 2007

'I got no food! WHY?' WHY NO FOOD ! Jez'bela told them all too.. Jez'bela says I bein' took for newtoring? What that?

Then I bein' shoved in box! What this about! LET ME OUT.. I yell.. Jezbela larf at me!

Then I put in loud, smelly, noisy machine! LET ME OUT!

Then Mummy leave me!! WHAT ! LET ME OUT!

Then I get things poked in me.. I don't like this! HELP!

Then I go to sleep! When I wake up, I hungry... I a bit wobbly and legs go funny. I scared..

Then I sleep again, wake up hungry again! And Mummy there, she bring me home and give me fish! I eat it all and play with Jez bela, she cross wiv me cos she says I smell funny! Flipping cheek! I bite her, that'll show her!

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